Wonfes Exclusive, Nendoroid Mami Tomoe School Uniform Ver!

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Microwave Snacks You Can Cook In A Mug (Click the name for their recipe)



Coffee Cup Quiche


 Instant Blueberry Muffins


French Toast In A Cup


“Baked” Oatmeal In A Mug


Cinnamon Roll In A Cup


Coffee Cup Coffeecake


Banana Bread In A Mug


Mac and Cheese In A Cup


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Photos from this morning where we have 9” of fucking snow! The middle photos are my car before and after I tried to remove as much snow as possible before the freezing rain started.

This is an insane amount of snow and we are supposed to get 1-3” more today. I haven’t seen this much snow since I lived in Central Oregon (where this shit belongs!).

All I want is a pair of rain boots. All of the rain boots are too small in the calf area. Apparently there is no such thing as adjustable calf rain boots. 

I’m sorry I use my calf muscles. No that isn’t fat, I am on my feet walking for most of the day. 



daily reminder to click a button so you can give free food to a shelter!!


if every one of my followers did this, we could give more than 85 meals to less-fortunate animals. for free.

While you are there, you should totally click the other greater good sites and add a few clicks there. 

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George R. R. Martin everyone.

My favourite thing about this gifset is that George R. R. Martin acknowledges both of these methods without insulting or dismissing the other. He is a fantastic writer and I know that some other fantastic writers swear by their methods and discount the others, which can be really disheartening as a young writer. Hearing him describe both of these methods without dismissing the other makes me very, very happy, as I am very much an architect and I always get so sad when every writer I look up to is like “NO PLANNING. PLANNING BAD. WRITERS DONT PLAN.”

So thank you, Mr. Martin.


He has the PERFECT wife.

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Isn´t it a lil pathetic to fangirl and tumblr in your age, I mean you have a kid and stuff. Seriously old peeps should leave tumblr!










I´m not gonna answer that, I´m not!


She freezes as she reads the anon message.

Are they right? Is she too old? 

She had known this day would ultimately come, known that one day, she would no longer be allowed to enjoy the things around her, or use the internet anymore other than to send work emails, but she had hoped that day was still far off.

True, she did have a child. Perhaps that should have been her first clue. After all, becoming a mother goes hand-in-hand with dedicating your life to clipping coupons and driving carpools. And with all of that, who has time to enjoy good acting, or a wonderful story-line, or art?

She looks down at her hands sadly. The anon is right. She is now an “old peep”. She should be ashamed of herself.

She sheds one single tear and shuts off her computer. She then unplugs it and carries it to the trash. Her place is no longer among young persons. Her child is asleep upstairs for the night. The house is quiet and dark. She grabs her child’s purple crayola marker and writes “old peep” across her forehead, then moves to her living room, turns the tv on, and changes the channel to the news.

Yes. This is where she belongs now. Tomorrow she will make sure to throw away all of her young person clothes and buy ugly beige sweaters and ruffled white blouses. She will give away her pathetic collection of fantasy books the local library, and throw away the autographed photo she got from her favorite actor two years ago. These are not things she is allowed to have anymore.

She begins her life as an old peep, sitting in the dark, watching the news, thinking about taxes and diapers, grateful to the anon who pointed out the error of her ways.

I love you
Another old peep


If I get pregnant, will my tumblr license be revoked?

"Old peeps should leave tumblr!" …Yeah, well, clueless dingbat whippersnapper anon babybloggers shouldn’t be allowed to post sillybugger ill-thought-out alleged opinions, either, but where’d be the fun for the rest of us then? :)


I also loved the teenager on livejournal years ago that said that I should be ashamed to be goth at my age.

There are not enough middle fingers in the whole world kiddo.




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